Lori Welbourne, On a Brighter Note

"Being a member of the OBE has opened doors and created opportunities for me in a remarkable way. In business, you can succeed most efficiently by helping others to succeed... and that's what the OBE is all about. We're like a team... all working towards a common goal: to succeed in business. We're like a team of like-minded individuals who don't want to settle for mediocrity, but would rather strive for excellence. In life, you can never have enough good people on your side... and I'm grateful to have my fair share. And I'm grateful to know each and every member of this incredible 'team': the Okanagan Business Excellence

Desmond Bobroskay, Edward Jones

"My business purpose is all about adding value... and what better way than to be able to share with a client of mine names of people I have confidence in. OBE provides this added value."

Dan Perrett, Arcola Computer Electronics

The Okanagan Business Excellence has easily increased my customer base by 30 percent. The first meeting generated enough income to more than pay for my membership. It not only supplies me with business leads, but also gives me a wide base of friends who I feel I can turn to for advice. It gives me a sense of the community to which I belong.

Paul Hergott, Hergott Law

I rely on the members of Okanagan Business Excellence for their business expertise, and personal relationships. Being a part of the incredible growth of the organization has given me a very strong sense of accomplishment and pride. It has also been a valuable source of client referrals.

Chris Murphy, Dominion Lending Centres

"This has created a wonderful network of people who I can refer to and go to for goods and services. I can trust they will look after clients I send them to for great service and quality."

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