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Trevor Jones

Address: 121 - 3640 Gosset Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2N4

Phone: 250-309-5305

Our Story & Purpose:

I have always loved the idea of food and wine bringing people together. Family, friendships and community are meaningful and important to me - I believe deeply in this and it is where the concept of Il Mercato Social Kitchen came from. Although I am not exactly of Italian heritage, I have been around the Italian culture my whole life either through friends and colleagues (you know who you are!) or as an apprentice growing up in the kitchens north of Toronto. I think family, friends and community is the Italian way - or at least that is how I have come to know it - it is also how my family functions. We garden, cook and eat together using the freshest local ingredients for the season and we spend time in the kitchen together. With family, friends and neighbours we share food & wine, stories, memories and gratitude. We serve food on platters in abundance, there are always leftovers - when you are here, you are family and everyone is welcome. Food is simple, approachable and honest. The best ingredients prepared with care. This is how we live, and it is our way at Il Mercato Social Kitchen.



We produce and serve authentic Italian thin crust neopolitan style pizzas, hand made pastas, fresh baked breads accompanied by Okanagan wines and genuine hospitality.  We treat each customer as if they are a guest in our home, when you’re here you’re family.  Food is simple, honest, delicious. 



We hire more for character than skills, we are seeking people to join our family that get personal satisfaction from making other people happy.  What we do is not rocket science – if we genuinely care about the experience of each and every guest and put our heart into the preparation of fresh, seasonal food people will have positive experiences when they visit.



Community is engrained in our core values.  We fundamentally believe that the community and the world is a better place if we bring people around the table together to break bread.  We participate as we can and as opportunities are presented.  We have a menu item called Social Bread of which a percentage of the sale is given to a charity in the community of West Kelowna each year around Christmas when it is needed the most.  We don’t make a big deal and call the media every time we give, it is just part of who we are.