Jim Mahannah, That Cleantech Copywriter

Becoming a member of the OBE Group was a smart business decision. And a fun personal one as well. I receive lots of value from members who are creative, energetic, and inspiring. They have become my friends and colleagues, and many of them provide me with services both professionally and personally. It’s a bonus when I receive referrals from them to support me in my business. If I may sum up my experience with the OBE—it’s a win-win situation.

Gord Brown, GBI & Brown Benefits

Thanks Dave Manns, Westbank Chiropractic, I know that when I leave your office, my back, shoulder, and attidude is always reajusted.

Paul Hergott, Hergott Law

I am extending HUGE kudos to Dan Perrett (Arcola Computer Electronics)for his absolutely excellent service today. I showed up to the office this morning to find out that our computer/phone systems were down/dead. Our contract technician was unavailable and in Vancouver. I called Dan at noon, he was here within 5 minutes and had the problem diagnosed with a temporarily / partialy fixed in short order. He ordered the necessary parts and will have us fully up and running sometime tomorrow afternoon. Thank you, Dan!!!!

Kathy Wessel, Artistic Awning Co Ltd

Thanks Dan, for the prompt service. My computer is working great!

Norm Sandvik, Apple Valley Promotions

Thanks to Denise of Manchester Signs for a quick turnaround and an awesome job on some letterhead.

Paul Hergott, Hergott Law

Paul, thanks for looking after my real estate closing on the purchase of my new house in West Kelowna. Shannon and I were very pleased with the service that you offered and the way everything was nicely packaged in a binder at the end. PS-Terri did a great job on all the paperwork and was a treat to chat with. Sincerely, Mike Thurstan

Line by Line Videoworks

We loved the video that Line by Line did for our 25th anniversary so much that we knew we had to have them do our daughters wedding video for us. We played the DVD at the reception of pictures of our daughter and son-in-law  growing up. It was the pictures of our daughter with her grand father that got to us the most as we know he would have been so proud of her that day. We enjoyed sharing these memories with our guests and were able to pass copies along to family members to keep. Our daughter knew we were putting this together for her but choose to watch it at the reception with everyone else and she loved the presentation that was put together. We all felt that it captured her personality and the music worked so well with the pictures. We look forward to adding her wedding pictures to the DVD to make this keepsake complete.    -K. Haddon & R Frazier, Pickering, Ontario

Bo Knows Homes Century 21, Bo Skapski

I recently used the services of Bo Skapski (Century 21). I loved the personal prompt and professional service from Bo and his team.They were never tired of showing us homes and made our experience fantastic from the minute we enlisted his services in Calgary. Thanks Bo to your and your team! Best Regards, Mike Thurstan

Dan Pearson, All Kinds of Carpet

"This group has been very good for me. Not only have I done a lot of work for the members, but I've made some new friendships that will last for years. It will be interesting to look back 10 years from now and see how the group has progressed. The group has given me the confidence and knowledge to recommend other local businesses. When a client or friend asks about where they can get a certain service or product, I just open my OBE members' book and send them in that direction... and I know they will be looked after."

Shirley Burton, Blinds by Design Nine Ltd and Color Your World

"People in the group connect me to new clients, help me overcome any business challenges and expand my sense of friendship and community. It's like an extended family. It's good to interact and socialize with others and good to support other businesses with confidence"

Joe Maciel, Joe Maciel Inc.

"I find that the OBE is not only a valuable source of business referrals, but above all it's a fantastic place for camaraderie and a place to gain new friendships".

Lori Welbourne, On a Brighter Note

"Being a member of the OBE has opened doors and created opportunities for me in a remarkable way. In business, you can succeed most efficiently by helping others to succeed... and that's what the OBE is all about. We're like a team... all working towards a common goal: to succeed in business. We're like a team of like-minded individuals who don't want to settle for mediocrity, but would rather strive for excellence. In life, you can never have enough good people on your side... and I'm grateful to have my fair share. And I'm grateful to know each and every member of this incredible 'team': the Okanagan Business Excellence

Desmond Bobroskay, Edward Jones

"My business purpose is all about adding value... and what better way than to be able to share with a client of mine names of people I have confidence in. OBE provides this added value."

Dan Perrett, Arcola Computer Electronics

The Okanagan Business Excellence has easily increased my customer base by 30 percent. The first meeting generated enough income to more than pay for my membership. It not only supplies me with business leads, but also gives me a wide base of friends who I feel I can turn to for advice. It gives me a sense of the community to which I belong.

Chris Murphy, Dominion Lending Centres

"This has created a wonderful network of people who I can refer to and go to for goods and services. I can trust they will look after clients I send them to for great service and quality."

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