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Beth Lachmuth

Address: 5203 Croil Avenue, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z9

Phone: 250-328-5630

Publisher-Neighbourhood Magazines

Bringing people and business together!
As the publisher of the Lakeview Living Magazine that serves the neighbourhoods of Lakeview Heights, Casa Loma, West Harbour and West Kelowna Estates, I help your business build its brand among those who can afford your goods and services, while giving your business an opportunity to give back by helping bring neighbours together.
Every month a family is nominated by their neighbours to be on the front cover of the magazine and when it arrives in their mailboxes, the residents read it from cover to cover. Our Feature Families feel honoured to be nominated and our businesses benefit from being part of the inner circle of these exclusive neighbourhoods.
As a business owner, if you like word of mouth you will love our magazines. We put your business into the conversation by focusing on your target audience in the most affluent neighbourhoods in your community.


It's great being in the Lakeview Living Magazine, not only supporting my local community but receiving business from that community as well. All I know about marketing is that you have to be in front of the customer when they need you and the best way to do that is always being visible with them. I don't know of a better, more engaging way of being visible with my best customers than being part of the magazine and the community while promoting my business.
Laura Pelletier– Kwikfit4ua

Beth Lachmuth on Okanagan Business Excellence

As a newer member of the group, I have to say that everyone has been very welcoming and friendly.
I am looking forward to learning more about each of these wonderful businesses and being part of the prosperity they bring to the Okanagan through their business excellence initiatives.