Ladies Fitness Facility - Curves

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Leah Thordarson

Address: #17 - 2484 Main Street
West Kelowna, B. C. V4T 2G2

Phone: 250 768-2254


Fitness and Diet Centre for Women

Curves has helped millions of women get healthier! In just 30-minutes of the Curves workout, you work every major muscle group and burn up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio, and stretching. And with Curves Complete, you get the complete approach with exercise to boost your metabolism, a diet that starves fat and feeds muscle, and the encouragement and support through a certified coach.

At Curves, you also get a special, secret ingredient not found in other gyms or weight loss centers. You’ll find a community of women who work together to achieve their fitness goals and support their local community. With a “no men, no makeup, no mirrors” philosophy, you’ll find many members who think their time at Curves is the best 30 minutes of their day.


"After I retired I had become very inactive and housebound and decided I needed to become more active and made the decision to join Curves. My goal was to tone and achieve better health, I was happy to discover:  I lost weight along with inches and more importantly my flexibility and stamina have increased. The staff and members at Curves are all supportive and super nice. It’s always a pleasure to go to my fitness center to do my 30 minute work out three times per week, because I have fun! " M. Forsman

Leah Thordarson of Curves on Okanagan Business Excellence

"The Okanagan Business Excellence team has become a small family - we, the members, have opportunities inside and outside the club to meet and know each other, and the weekly feature of one or two members speaking on who they are and how they came to be in their business is always fascinating. I feel very comfortable using and giving referrals to my OBE 'family' and confident any OBE team member will do their best for me and any referral I give."