Mission Statement

To be an association of excellent business leaders dedicated to the economic prosperity and well being of our membership and our community.

Excellence Standards

Passion: we deliver on our promises with enthusiasm and commitment

Integrity: we will be consistent and truthful in representation and delivery of our products and services

Leadership: we will redefine the standards of business excellence

This group has been very good for me. Not only have I done a lot of work for the members, but I've made some new friendships that will last for years. It will be interesting to look back 10 years from now and see how the group has progressed. The group has given me the confidence and knowledge to recommend other local businesses. When a client or friend asks about where they can get a certain service or product, I just open my OBE members' book and send them in that direction... and I know they will be looked after.

- Dan Pearson,

All Kinds of Carpet